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Our last day

Posted by amandamelissagomes on 4 October, 2010

Our last day in Hyderabad was one interesting day that basically seemed to extend until Christie and I made it back to the U.S. on Sunday afternoon.  We started Friday morning in the car ensconced with concern that we may not make it to our final site visit at Life Spring given our “driver’s” poor ability to follow directions and the loss of our chief Hindi correspondent, Shobha.  Despite our concern, during our ride over we discussed some maternal fetal medicine issues that truthfully I haven’t ever given much thought about.  What is the major cause of maternal death? Where is the infant mortality rate the highest? How common is Down’s syndrome and what about metabolic disorders in India? We even discussed circumcision practices.  Armed with our questions we (again by sheer luck) made it to Life Spring. We waited in the small clean lobby under a prominently placed sign that displayed the costs of deliveries, hysterectomies, tubal ligations, all of which seemed quite affordable, for our tour guide.  Our Life Spring ambassador was a lovely, young, civically minded, American trained, Indian business woman who after a self-proclaimed identity crisis found her niche at Life Spring.  She gave us a thorough tour of her small hospital that embraced the idea of low income patients being called and, more importantly, treated as customers.  We understood this concept easily enough, but using the word customers instead of patients did not roll very easily off our tongues.  Afterwards a physician joined us to answer more of our medical questions.   Life Spring was clearly a haven for our MBA trained and women’s health minded colleague but we all left impressed and pleasantly surprised to have experienced yet another unique innovation in Indian health care delivery.

We spent our afternoon completing some last minute shopping.  Our tasks: petticoats for our beautiful (if I do say so myself) saris and more pearls!  Not surprisingly this took a lot longer than expected but we are nothing if not task oriented.  We made it home for one last Kumar lunch of our favorite chicken before heading out for one last evening with our Hyderabadi guardian angel, Neena Auntie. Next thing I know we are saying our goodbyes to Luis and Peter; it is 3:30 Saturday morning and Christie, Sapna and I are off the airport. Christie and I spent a fabulous day sightseeing and shopping in Delhi but quickly notice the difference in travelling without the rest of our CIT4b family. 

To steal a line from Luis’ blogging, dhanyavad (thank you) to the faithful blog readers (special shout out to KBA) and for all the support and encouragement from everyone at home when things got kinda scary.   Most of all I must give a heartfelt thank you to Shobha, Luis, Peter, Sapna, Puja and Christie for their sound medical judgment, for the thought provoking (and loud!) debates and discussions and for all the laughter.


2 Responses to “Our last day”

  1. Keith said

    and…….black pearls??
    enjoyed all the blogs

  2. Puja said

    Gomes though I will miss the blogs, glad you are home healthy and safe (against all odds). You were amazingly courageous on this trip and managed to make light of a very stressful situation(s). You are truly inspiring.

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